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We primarily serve West Texas for 150 miles from Seminole. Click the map below for a larger version.

Strong, Reliable, Durable, Cost-Effective:

At Peters Construction we offer steel metal buildings in a multitude of styles and sizes to cover every need you have. Metal buildings are a perfect fit for Agricultural, Industrial, Commercial or Residential Buildings. We specialize in clear span Riding Arenas, Horse Barns, Roof only structures, Hay Barns and Equipment sheds. Our buildings are erected on a concrete slab or on piers and can be custom designed to meet all your storage and equipment protection needs.

From commercial to farm or ranch; residential or non-profit we have a solution that will fit your need. Our line of quality durable customized metal buildings comes with the service you expect at a price you can afford. These buildings have been used under the most extreme conditions and will survive harsh weather conditions. Our craftsmanship in building steel structures has passed the test of time and our clients love the results.

Take a look at our past work to see just a few examples of the jobs we have completed already for our clients.

Make sure you contact us before making your final decision.

Types Of Buildings We Can Create:

We have the ability to create just about any metal building your desire. Common buildings we have done in the past include:

  • Commercial Store Fronts (Businesses)
  • Storage Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings and Add-ons
  • Retail Facilities (Stores/Restaraunts/Businesses)
  • Farm/Ranch Barns, Sheds, and Overhangs

Why Steel?:

We believe that building with steel is the most cost effective and eco-friendly building system. We want our customers to know that a steel building is a Safe, High Quality, Environmentally Safe alternative building solution.

Homeowners, farmers and ranchers can protect their vehicles, equipment, and tools while working in a climate-controlled comfort and safe building. We design with your needs in mind surpassing traditional construction methods with benefits that include initial cost savings, pre-planning for your needs, and a workflow that will allow for fast erection of the building even during complex projects. Steel building are also insurance friendly and results in an environmentally responsible building that will last even in the harshest of environments.