About Peters Construction

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We primarily serve West Texas for 150 miles from Seminole. Click the map below for a larger version.

From Simple Beginnings...

We are proud to be the local steel building construction company of choice for many clients in the West Texas area. Our passion for our work and our relationships with our clients are some of the driving forces behind what we do. It all started when our owner - Henry Peters moved to Seminole after growing up in a Menonite farming and ranching community where he built buildings for several needs. In 1982 Henry started working on metal buildings, roofing, and fencing and he has never looked back.

His passion for his work along with a new change in scenery led him to Seminole in 1993 and the formation of Peters Construction in West Texas. Since then Peters Construction has been a reliable source for metal buildings, roofing, and siding in the area with many statisfied and return customers. The work we have done in and around the area over the past 16 years makes us very proud and we are excited about continuing our wonderful relationships with our clients.

At Peters Construction we respect our customers. We strive to always put our client first. Through a team effort, hard work, and a dedication to providing you, our clients, with the very best experience we can; we strive to deliver a product worthy of your ownership.

Whether you have a simple idea, or a complex project, we want to work WITH you to develop your next building/roofing project. From sketch - to computer drawing - to completion. We'll be there with you, guiding, assisting, and building your dream every step of the way.