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We primarily serve West Texas for 150 miles from Seminole. Click the map below for a larger version.

Your Source For Steel Buildings And Roofing

Welcome to Peters Construction. For the past several years we have been providing a critical role in West Texas as a premier provider for steel buildings and roofing. We have established our reputation by providing popular solutions for all your steel buildings and roofing needs. We only utilize high-strength, versatile and reliable materials from industry leaders in steel construction. Steel is an optimum choice for construction in the area as it can absorb and survive the heavy hail, strong winds, and other inclimate weather seen all too often in West Texas.

Our work ethic and reliability is one of the core reasons for our success. Our dedication to timely, professional, and ethical business practices insures you will receive the very best service possible for your project needs and a product that will be exactly what you wanted. Our background, intense passion for what we do, and expertise guarantee the quality of our work. We invite you to take a look through this site, explore our past projects, available products/services, and client recommendations and see for yourself why we take pride in the job we do.

Whether it's a new steel building, farm/ranch barn, commercial add-on, carport, a new steel roof, or other type of buildings we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Let us take you through our three-phase project completion approach to customizing your building design and construction needs. From sketch - to technical drawing - to construction we will walk you through your project, deliver a quality product, and keep your costs down.

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